About Ben Andanti

The Benandanti were a cult, or coven, of witches in Italy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benandanti for more about them. They believed they could venture into the spirit world in the form of animals to fight evil.  So when I first thought of the idea of a comic about an Astral Bodyguard, it seemed like an obvious choice for the name. Instead of fighting demons in the Netherworld, Ben works as a down at heel detective who ventures into the Astral Realm as a giant ginger gorilla to solve crimes. When he doesn’t just make things worse.

He first appeared nearly twenty years ago, in a comic I did with Dylan Bartwick and Roy Weatherley, who is still doing the excellent Jack P Chill here; http://www.questionableproductions.co.uk/. Unfortunately I lost touch with Dylan, who I knew from the London Cartoon Centre. Hopefully he’s still working somewhere.

5 responses to “About Ben Andanti

  1. Caspar

    Hi –
    Thanks for your reply to me on Comment is Free. They’ve taken their ‘reply’ button off, hence this. Very interesting work here, I wish you the best with it. I used to do a lot of comics and cartoons myself (which is why I was curious), and still do illustrations. I never attended the London Cartoon Centre myself, but many moons ago I used to vaguely know Paul Schroeder and Steve Merchant of that parish. Would that have been your era?

    • Thanks, it’s coming together slowly! 🙂 I did know Steve Marchent at the Cartoon Centre, and bumped into Paul Schroeder a few times, I think. I certainly know his name, and I think I have a face to go with it! I was there from January to July 1992.

  2. Hi, I’m EarlyVictoria on guardian comment is free; we’ve interacted there. I’m impressed by your cartooning. There’s an honesty there, and a boldness that is refreshing. I also note you’re looking for narrative. If you wanted to check out my nettertonhall,com, you would see a story that I dare to think has a strong narrative. Any views or comments most welcome,

  3. Glad you liked it. If you have criticisms, please do post them.

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