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Anne, the life model.


About gavinpollock

Let's see, should I write about myself in the third person here? Probably not. Only boxers and little Japanese girls ever seem able to pull that off. I'm a Scots/Cumbrian comic artist. There, I've said it, I'm a comic artist It's difficult for me to say as I feel like I should have a lot more work to show that I am. I studied at the London Cartoon Centre way back in the nineties and intended to take comics by storm. Instead, I went off to Japan to teach English. Over there I got a couple of manga publishers interested, but maybe more because they fancied a gaijin artist on there books than the quality of my artwork at the time. Then I got married over there, and divorced, and came back with a couple of kids and no money. Since then I've had other priorities than comics, and have been supporting us by teaching, working as a life model, and whatever else comes up. But I finally decided it was time to get back to drawing comics.

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