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Let's see, should I write about myself in the third person here? Probably not. Only boxers and little Japanese girls ever seem able to pull that off. I'm a Scots/Cumbrian comic artist. There, I've said it, I'm a comic artist It's difficult for me to say as I feel like I should have a lot more work to show that I am. I studied at the London Cartoon Centre way back in the nineties and intended to take comics by storm. Instead, I went off to Japan to teach English. Over there I got a couple of manga publishers interested, but maybe more because they fancied a gaijin artist on there books than the quality of my artwork at the time. Then I got married over there, and divorced, and came back with a couple of kids and no money. Since then I've had other priorities than comics, and have been supporting us by teaching, working as a life model, and whatever else comes up. But I finally decided it was time to get back to drawing comics.

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  1. thespineuk ⋅

    Well, I really enjoyed that so I don’t know why you say it went off on the second page. It’s a nice story and so well drawn. The only observation I’d make is about the obvious Photoshop autoshapes but that’s just because I generally hate Photoshop’s autoshapes whenever I see them. They distract from your drawing. But then what do I know? I also didn’t figure and that was about two months work thrown away… 😦

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  3. Know what you mean but imho they really distract from the quality of your artwork and writing. Why not draw one and reuse that? At least it won’t look so much like clip art. These are all so good you shouldn’t ruin them for the sake of the proverbial ha’peth if tar. 😉

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