Episode one, thoughts and recriminations.

Well, I finally managed to get the first story done! It’s taken a long time, because life kept getting in the way, and it’s not as good as I imagined it would be…but that’s okay. In comics the action happens between the panels, and I think I’ve left too much unexplained between mine. Hopefully readers can make the leaps between the pictures, but I can see I should have explained more.

It was originally intended as a showcase for my artwork, so I could do workshops in schools, rather than a finished comics story. However, comics seem to be on the up in the UK finally, so the next one will be more of a proper comic.

It will also be black and white. One of the things that has slowed me down is learning different ways to colour the comic in Photoshop and on a Samsung tablet. It’s been useful, but I’m not a natural colourist and I tend to faff about a lot on the computer.

The next story is going to be about dark secrets in the heart of the government. Since I did actually do a Politics degree alongside one or two members of the present and last government, I’d better state categorically that it is not based on any real dark secrets I know.