Charlie Dandelion

I’ve been pretty busy trying to get the flood colouring book up and running so haven’t updated this. The book is looking great, there’s some really nice artwork from some very talented artists, and it will be out soon. I’m just pasting it up and waiting on a couple more bits of artwork.


In the meantime, I’ve published the first volume of Charlie D on Createspace. Charlie D


Fundraising for the floods

We’ve got a bit wet again in Cumbria, and we’re going to have to rebuild. Since colouring books are selling well right now, and we’ve got a lot of artists in Cumbria, I thought a good plan would be to put together a colouring book about the floods, so here’s my contribution, a Mermaid on Main Street…mermaidmainst1

Colouring book for sale.

I’ve gone and published my first colouring book through Createspace. It seems a pretty good service so far, although it’s a shame we can’t order author copies from a UK printer. Here’s the link to the Amazon UK book Faeries

What I think I’ll do next is put out a comic on Createspace, with the revised Charlie Dandelion, and a few of my old one off comics.


I’ve been experimenting with Bristol board, and drawing the comic as a single page, instead of lots of individual drawings on crappy paper that I then try and scan in and put together on the computer.

Charlie Dandelion

I’ve decided this year I’m going to put the serious stuff on hold and draw something silly and, hopefully, funny. I’m calling the main character Charlie Dandelion; Dandelion because his massive ‘fro and skinny body makes him look like one, and Charlie because of what happened last week in Paris. It’s not meant as a response to that, because any response I make will be, I think, meaningless next to the horror of what happened. Some people drew some pictures, and they were murdered for it.

I didn’t even like the original pictures; I can see why they did them, and respect their motives, but I didn’t like the pictures. But when men with guns try to censor the world, there’s only one side to take, and that’s Charlie’s, so I’m calling my character Charlie in a small act of solidarity with them.

Other than that, there’s a snow leopard in it, and aliens, and, unusually for me, I already know where the story is going, and how the first episode will end, so I might even finish it…

Charlie Dandelion.